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We believe deeply in the power of private capital and entrepreneurship

About Us

Lakeview Growth Management is an acquisition and consulting firm founded by a talented corporate finance expert and attorney, Jeffrey Ferguson. Jeffrey brings over two decades of experience providing advice to senior leadership teams of both large-multinational companies and small and medium sized companies across industries. Jeffrey has deep experience in consulting and corporate banking related to mergers and acquisitions and special situations.

Jeffrey launched Lakeview after working for a mission driven organization focused on closing racial wealth gaps through entrepreneurship. Jeffrey believes deeply in the power of private capital and entrepreneurship as a means to generating wealth and ameliorating the social ills associated with underinvestment. Through Lakeview, Jeffrey hopes to contribute to the bourgeoning ecosystem of diverse entrepreneurs and fund managers that will benefit society. To that end, the name of our company, Lakeview, pays homage to a town in Long Island, NY where both sets of Jeffrey’s grandparents moved in the middle of the 20th century seeking greater prosperity. It is where he spent summers and holidays growing up, and with this name we recognize how we stand on the shoulders of those that came before us.

Jeffrey has an entrepreneurial spirit with an MBA from Columbia Business School, a Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School and a Bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Jeffrey has experienced entrepreneurship at KPMG, where he was a manager on a new private equity team that KPMG was standing up and at Capital One where he built out an entirely new group within the corporate bank.

Lakeview is supported by a team of advisors and support staff that assist with sourcing, operations and due diligence. Lakeview follows as an independent sponsor model, allowing flexibility to self-fund an acquisition or build an investor group suitable for an acquisition.


We are seeking to acquire and grow a small to medium-sized business or businesses. Our ideal target is a founder that is interested in succession planning and looking to leave their legacy in trusted hands.

The mission is to identify companies with significant potential for growth and create value for investors while ensuring that the founder and employees of the company benefit from the acquisition.

Our Approach

We look to invest in companies that have a strong workforce-in-place and customer relationships that can be nurtured and grown into the next generation. Lakeview is seeking to acquire a company where investing in its workforce and technology will unlock new opportunities for growth.

Investment Criteria

Seeking companies with the following characteristics:


Between $1 million and $7 million

Enterprise Value

Between $5 million to $35 million

Business Model

Scalable business model with proprietary technology


Attractive organic growth opportunities

Target Industries

Technology-enabled business process services companies in the following industries:

Real Estate



Company Research

Medical Testing

Lab Services

Target Locations

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina



Lakeview’s founder is a seasoned corporate finance professional, with over two decades of experience in consulting, banking and law. With Jeffrey’s deep network of connections in finance and law, Lakeview, on a stand alone basis and through partnerships, is able to provide institutional quality work product at a considerable cost savings for our clients. Lakeview provides the following services to clients of all sizes:

  • Valuation opinions
  • Distressed situations advisory services
  • General operations and strategic services
  • Real estate development advisory services

Meet Our Founder


Jeffrey Ferguson


Jeffrey Ferguson is a highly accomplished valuation expert with extensive experience in the venture capital and private equity sectors. With a remarkable background in valuation, he has made significant contributions to Empire Valuation and KPMG, where he has honed his expertise in assessing the worth of businesses and investment opportunities.

Jeffrey's journey in the financial industry has been marked by noteworthy positions and achievements. He led the Enterprise Valuation Group within Capital One's corporate bank, overseeing valuation strategies and providing valuable insights for decision-making processes. During this time, he gained invaluable deal experience, particularly with highly leveraged companies and special situations.

With deep industry knowledge and a proven track record, Jeffrey has built a robust network of connections within the finance and investment community. His expertise in valuation and experience in navigating complex financial landscapes have solidified his reputation as a trusted advisor and a sought-after professional.

Jeffrey's educational background is impressive, having completed his studies at renowned institutions. He holds degrees from Columbia Business School, Brooklyn Law School, and UNC-Chapel Hill, where he acquired a comprehensive understanding of finance, law, and business.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jeffrey resides in the vibrant city of New York with his wife, Dalia. He embraces an active lifestyle and is an avid sports enthusiast. In his free time, he finds joy in exploring new adventures and has a particular passion for motorcycles, which allows him to combine his love for exploration and thrill-seeking.

Support Staff

Summer/Part-time Analysts
Eric Moldoveanu, NYU Stern
Russell Lia, NYU Stern
Chikezie “Eric” Iheagwara, Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business


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New York, NY 10001